Top 5 Skincare Products with Active HEMP Oil Ingredients



Are you concerned about the health of your skin?


Have you noticed over the last two three, four, five, or even ten years that your skin is changing?


Of course, aging is totally unavoidable, but there are tons of great ways that you can take care of your skin so that you can look younger for longer. Maybe you are already taking care of your skin with lotions, skin products, face creams, and anti-aging formulas so that you can stay looking youthful and healthy for years to come.


Questions You Should be Asking Yourself


So whether you have been taking care of your skin with one product or various skin product for months or years, we have a few questions for you…


– Why do you use the creams, lotions, and anti-aging formulas that you use right now?

– Were they recommended to you by a friend, family member, or physician?

– Did you see it/them endorsed by a celebrity on a TV show?

– What are the products and creams that you are using right now?

– What are some of the ingredients that they use?

– Have the skin products that you are using been tested?


These are all great questions that you should be asking yourself for anything that you use regularly, but especially products that you are using on your skin.


Why Quality Skin Products Are Important


Think about the skincare products that you are using as just as important as your diet is for your body, your youth, and your health. If you are giving your body quality, natural ingredients that it recognizes and responds positively to, you are going to have healthy, vibrant skin for the rest of your life. If you give your body low quality ingredients and poor quality products that have a lot of fillers and unnatural elements that are foreign to your body, they are probably going to do more harm than good.


These are just a few things that you should take into consideration when you are looking for the right skincare products. For the most part, what you get is what you pay for, but you can also find some really great prices on products that will do wonders for your skin.


Why These are Different From Other Skincare Products


Today, we are going to take a look at five different products from Hemp Genix. Hemp Genix is a unique company because it uses compounds known as cannabinoids, to enhance their products and create healthier, younger looking skin. Cannabinoids are compounds that are naturally found in cannabis plants.


Now, we can probably guess what you are thinking. “Cannabis! Are these products legal? Am I going to get high while using this?”


Not at all. CBD’s are naturally plant-derived compounds that have a slew of benefits for your health, including your skin. THC is the compound that is derived from cannabis plants that produce psychoactive effects.


Their company produces all of their high quality skincare products out of an FDA registered manufacturing facility, so that you can have comfort in knowing that they are making quality products, by the book.


Now that you have an idea of why Hemp Genix’s products stand out from the rest of the crowd, let’s take a look at some of their best and highest rated skincare products.


What to Expect When Using These Products?


1) Apple Stem Cell + HEMP Cream




Let’s kick off this overview by taking a look at Hemp Genix’s Anti-Aging Cream with Apple Stem Cells. The first thing that we noticed about this product that we really liked is that this company put it to the test before they put it on the market. In a clinical trial of this product, an overwhelming 100% of the participants who tested it saw a reduction of lines on their faces. That’s a pretty impressive product to lead with.


This cream uses no HTC whatsoever, and is 100% USA oil. It is infused with 60 mg of CBD, of which 80% of that is pure, undiluted HEMP oil. This is a quick-acting product that delivers results within weeks of use. This high quality cream will help you take away the lines on your face and keep the wrinkles off.




– Zero HTC used

– 100% USA oil

– 60 mg of HEMP is infused into this product

– 80% of that is purity HEMP oil




– Produces results very quickly.

– Helps to diminish and slow the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face

– Rejuvenates your skin naturally

– Helps to regrow and repair skin cells while reducing the amount of wrinkles

– 100% of participants that tested this product in clinical trials reported a reduction in fine lines

– Celebrities who use this product: Helen Mirren, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama



2) Collagen Retinol + HEMP Revive Cream




Their Retinol Collagen IP6 daily moisturiser is another impressive miracle-worker for your skin. This product is full of a rich blend of vitamins and compounds that do everything from reducing the size of your pores and slowing the growth of lines and wrinkles on your face to literally making your skin glow so that it looks healthy and firm. Zero preservatives were used in the creation of this product, and it is blended using cold press technology so that all of the natural goodness that it provides is deeply locked in for long term use, without expiration.



Key Ingredients


– Stabilized retinol, which makes your wrinkles look less pronounced

– Collagen to revitalize depleted skin

– IP 6

– Vitamin C which gives your skin a brighter and healthier glow to it

– Kelp extract and oat kernel oil which will help to reduce redness and soothe the skin

– Vitamin E

– Fatty acids

– Rice bran oil

– Retinyl palmitate (a strong antioxidant)

– No preservatives were used in creating this product.




– Helps improve and reduce the amount of fine lines on your skin

– Reduces the size of the pores on your skin

– Increases the elasticity of your skin

– Makes your skin firmer and gives it a healthy, firm appearance

– Hydrates and refreshes the surface of your skin

– Slows ages and slows the process of developing wrinkles


3) HEMP Daily Skin Re-Energizer




Let’s now take a look at the HEMP Daily Skin Re-Energizer. When your skin starts getting tired, and lacks the energy necessary to keep it looking young, firm, and vibrant, this is the product that swoops in to the rescue. It possesses a fast-absorbing formula which will protect your skin irritants in your surrounding environment. This cream will also make sure that your skin stays hydrated. The minerals in this product act to protect the skin, keep it moist and hydrated, and overall helps the skin to look young, rich, and healthy.




– Avocado oil

– Carrot root extract

– Shea butter

– Safflower seed oil





– Deeply hydrates the skin, and prevents it from getting dehydrated during the day

– Protects your skin from anything in the environment that may irritate it

– Keeps your skin looking young and healthy



4) HEMP Night Skin Rejuvenator




Looking for a way that you can get younger and healthier skin while you sleep? Hemp Genix’s Night Repair Cream does exactly that, and plenty more. This cream accelerates the cellular growth and repair of your skin while you are sleeping, and every morning that you wake up after using this cream, you are going to have healthier, smoother, and hydrated skin. Many customers say that they notice immediate differences in just one night of using the Night Skin Rejuvenator.




– Aloe vera

– Shea butter

– Vitamins and minerals that enhance the smoothness, firmness, and youthfulness of your skin




– Literally helps your skin look healthier, more hydrated, and more youthful, while you are sleeping

– Slows the visible signs of aging by preventing wrinkles and the lines on your face

– Prevents dehydration

– Promotes skin exfoliation

– Quickly absorbs into your skin so that you never have that greasy feel



5) HEMP Under Eye Cream




Have you been noticing that your eyes are getting a little puffier or more saggy with age? Are those crow’s feet starting to creep in around your eyes. If you are ready to fine-tune your results while using these skin care products, you are going to also want to make sure that you grab Hemp Genix’s under eye cream. This cream is engineered to naturally reduce the redness and the amount of puffiness or inflammation around your eyes. It will smooth out your skin and make it look hydrated and healthy.




A natural blend of vitamins, minerals, and natural compounds to smooth your skin, reduce inflammation under your eyes, and hydrate your skin to reduce the visible signs of aging.




– Easy to use

– Doesn’t require a lot of cream to get the job done. You only need about a pea sized amount of cream for your eyes, applied in the morning and in the evening.


Quality Products and Care


After taking a deep look into all of these great products by Hemp Genix, it’s going to be hard for us to go back to the store brand creams and lotions that we were using before. If you want to know more about their products and their company, you can take a look at them here.

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