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We do our best to source materials that are able to provide a certificate of being gluten free. However, for customers with gluten sensitivities we cannot guarantee that the raw materials and ingredients we use are 100% gluten free.

On average our 15 ml and 30 ml products last 30-40 days with daily use. Our travel sized 10 ml and 15 ml products last 10-14 days with daily use. Of course, this depends on the product dosage used daily. All of our products have a PAO (Period-After-Opening) symbol located on its respective carton which can be referenced for specific shelf lives after first use.

We strive to use 100% organic materials and ingredients whenever possible. So, while all of our products are 100% natural, we cannot say that they are certified 100% organic because not every natural ingredient can be certified organic, for example, fermentations, biotechnology, and other powerful natural ingredients. We do only purchase ingredients from suppliers that use environmentally friendly practices.

All of our skincare and cosmetic products are made fresh and delivered directly from the manufacturer and should be stored in a cool, dark place.

We recommend using our products within 6 months. Beyond 6 months the products won’t necessarily go bad, however, the potency will not be as effective. Our products have been tested for a shelf life of 1 year unopened and 6 months opened. If you find that your product has an unusual smell or if you see discoloration, do not be alarmed; our natural formulas are delicate and can be affected by exposure to air and other contaminants. These instances are rare and we will be happy to replace your product.


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Karen from NYC, NY:

Works wonders to reduce Back and Shoulder and Leg pain at work! Being a Wall Street Broker, Long days on my feet are a way of life, often having a very negative impact on the overall quality of life. HEMP Oil was recommended to me by a fellow trader and since then things have been so much better.

Erica from Las Vegas, NV:

As a patient of Chiropractic Care, pain is the hard reality. When all medication failed, I was prescribed a Cannabidiol Treatment. I discovered Cellista HEMP Oil and after reading its benefits and the fact that it was legal across the states, I was sure that this was the right supplement. The results have been amazing.

Jenifer from Laredo, TX:

Cannabis used to always spell "High" to me and hence I avoided using the products in the market for reducing anxiety and stress. I used to not be able to get out of bed or even go to work. A friend of mine recommend Cellista HEMP oil and I gave them a try. Experience a relief from my Pain without the feeling of high.

The HEMP Oil used in all of our product is a prominent, non-psychoactive cannabinoid, extracted from the stalks and seeds of industrial, Organically grown Hemp plants.