HEMP Apple Skin Cream


Apple Stem Cell combined with HEMP oil extract in a rich blend to help your skin resist the formation of wrinkles.

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Apple Stem Cells combined with HEMP oil Extract

Stimulates the natural replenishment of wrinkle-smoothing collagen. It also stimulates skin´s natural self-regenerating process and dramatically reduces the visible signs of aging.

Day & Night Facial Treatment

Contains HEMP seeds extract and Vitamin E that deeply hydrates and strengthens the moisture barrier, increasing skin´s elasticity for enhanced suppleness and restored youthful appearance and revitalized skin.

Lasting Visible Results

With our leading-edge technology of extraction of the Stem Cells of Swiss quality apples. Our high quality anti-aging, anti-wrinkle face cream penetrates deep into the skin and interacts directly with the skin´s Stem Cells.

Intense Moisture & Ultra Hydrating

Cellista facial moisturizer created with hydrating active ingredients to specifically tackle normal and dry skin concerns. Face is left feeling soft, smooth and more plump.



  • Improves skins texture.
  • Deeply Hydrating
  • Rejuvenates your skin naturally

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SPECIAL PRICING for bulk orders

1 Month Supply: $49.95, 2 Month Supply: ($39.95 per bottle) Total: $79.90, 3 Month Supply: ($35.95 per bottle) Total: $107.85

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